Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Believing in Hope

“Do not be afraid; only believe”
- Mark 5:36

Before you can truly believe you must banish doubt and fear! Sometimes it is a process. When I first discovered I had cancer I was in denial for awhile. Then I got angry. I have the broken mirrors to prove it from a screaming pity party I had for myself. But that was all about fear. And once I realized how silly and futile it was to allow fear to rule me, I turned to God and decided to believe in hope. In doing this, I gave power to hope rather than giving power to the fear.

I had allowed my doubt to separate me from God. Doubt is the biggest obstacle to receiving our blessings and activating the power we have through hope. Hope waits for us patiently. Doubt can destroy us. It is like a poison that creeps through our system and de-activates our body’s marvelous healing powers. Hope can nourish our immune systems.

Only believe. It sounds so simple. Actually, it is simple, once you turn the fight over to God. Remember how David faced Goliath? His simple weapons were BELIEF and a slingshot. The moment you say “yes” to God and decide to believe, the universe starts moving to align itself with God’s thought. It is our job to simply hang on to hope and keep believing, no matter what things of the world swirl around us.

Determine in your mind that our God is a good God, and that He wants only good for you and all you love. What is it you hope for? Believe it and you will receive it. You alone choose victory or defeat. Know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. The moment of your decision to fight for hope and to believe you already have everything you need, is the moment of victory.

Listen to the doctors. Believe in God.

What will you choose today? What will you do to show what you believe? Are you ready to walk the walk? Take a step of faith today and shout it out loud “I believe!” Believing with all your heart in that which seems impossible will bring you that peace which surpasses all understanding. I wish you peace!

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